Unisert Adjustable Glass Louvres

Unisert Adjustable Glass Louvres provides a solution to exterior burglar proofing which are severely limiting the operation of traditional side- or top hung windows.

If you opt for sliding or sash hung windows, less than 50% of the window can admit air.

The well-known “Unisert” adjustable glass louvre has been one of Aluvent’s flagship products even before the start of Aluvent Shutters. Summer and a need for ventilation became is ever present, thus the Unisert Adjustable Glass Louvre is a popular solution in South Africa. This product is also used within Africa, most times chosen above cheaper products from the Far East.

The unisert adjustable glass louvre has a very unique system, which requires a gap of only 10cm between it and the burglar proofing to work at their maximum opening, allowing free ventilation of 86% of the window size. It also ensures directional airflow. You are able to use a varried airflow according to your needs, by changing the pitch of the louvres.

Aluvent ensures that all parts are made from the best quality materials in order to ensure a long product life.

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The Unisert Louvre is:

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and slender
  • Can be fitted to any frame or opening
  • Provides a good seal from draught and rain
  • Glass blades of 5 or 6mm can be used
  • Non standard heights will automatically be fitted with a fixed blade extension
  • Horizontal weather bars are available
  • Aluminium sections are extrude from alloy 6063
  • Stainless steel bushes are used for longer life