Product Overview

Aluvent manufactures excellent quality aluminium  & steel products ranging from Adjustable Blade Shutter, fixed blade shutters, custom steel and aluminium productsfixed louvres and adjustable glass louvres.

This is not all, we also install sunscreens, pergolas and bespoke Aluminium & Steel products. We have years of experience and will provide you with expert advice and service every time.

The Aluvent Adjustable Blade Shutter gives you the added benefit and peace of mind. It deters intruders by forming a physical barrier against forcible entry. It consists of adjustable rust proof aluminium blades and therefore also provides ventilation.

The Adjustable Blade Shutter are available as sliding, hinged or folding systems, and the shutter panels and adjustable louvre blades are lockable.

We ensure our products are made of the highest quality materials, we take care on site and ensure we leave you with a quality installation every time.

Our aim is to enhance lifestyles with our products, and have been proud to do this for the past 16 years.

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